About Rebar Bender

The Rebar Bender makes bending rebar on the jobsite a simple task.

The Tough Hitch Tools Rebar Bender uses a 2” hitch receiver as a solid, stable work platform. The compact design and solid cast ductile iron construction of the bending vise along with the two supplied bending pipes provide durability and require minimal storage space. With quick and easy setup on the vehicle, the three bending vises offer a variety of bending applications for different sizes, shapes and lengths of rebar required on construction projects. The #3 rebar vise is capable of bending 4.5” wide stirrups for 8” wide beams and columns - a distinguishing feature in the market. The TH-1 Manual Rebar Bender requires less than 50 lbs of physical strength to bend #5 grade 60 rebar.

What Our Customers are Saying

The Rebar Bender was so affordable and easy to use, we outfitted every truck in our fleet with one.

Craig,General Contractor since 1986

I couldn't believe how easy and quick it was to bend rebar precisely.

Charles,Englewood, FL